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Here`s what people are saying about A Lot of Waffle.

"Delicious waffle by @Alotofwaffle in the @DepotCardiff tonight! great work guys!"

Katherin Hunter

"If down the Cardiff depot tonight or tomorrow you must try @Alotofwaffle @DepotCardiff they so good I had 2 last time Yum Yum"


"Dreaming of them waffle's from @Alotofwaffle at @Neportfoodfest earlier this month #Foodies #Fdbloggers"

Jamie (Ed explores)

"Just had the most excellent waffle from @Alotofwaffle at St nicks market. GUYS IT WAS DELICIOUS AND THE PEOPLE WERE SUPER NICE TOO"

Caitlin Jones

" OMG the bacon waffle is yummy"

Christine Northcott

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